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16:39, (EDT) "Bounty" and "bntyhntr" codes are now expired new code edit (expired) new code attached to silver surfer pre-order e-mail :surfsup. Hulk costume is available, hulk code of "hulklovesholidays" is expired. Recruitment Pack Awards triple iridium bar, triple iridium boost and a retcon device to inventory.

(1800 range) 2014/05/16 midtown expired Armor Tech Armor Tech. Ageofmayhem: Future Fortune Card, bentlegs: Experience Boost - 2 Hours. Hero boxes edit, are we now just updating them when sites run out of keys? Here's all the dev codes for the Play with the Devs event this weekend. Feel free reply with any I miss. You make it seem like it's some agonizing long HD video that drains bandwidth to crawl. Today's Coded Key is missing four characters!