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- Roles. No programming is necessary to implement the extension module discussed in this guide; however, basic familiarity with. Leading white space might cause errors when Magento reads the files and might prevent the coupon demonstration module from working. In this guide, the external program is a PHP script; however, it could be any application that uses OAuth and rest calls. " catch (OAuthException e) print_r(e- getMessage echo " print_r(e- lastResponse The following table discusses the values you must change. Extending Magento's rest API to Include Coupon Auto-Generation In the preceding section, you created a Shopping Cart Price Rule named Generate Coupons that manually generates a set of coupon codes. Your Magento instance's fully qualified hostname or IP address and port, if you are using a port other than 80, and the path to your Magento installation. On the Cache Storage Management page, click Select All (in the upper-left of the page).

Click Enable from the Actions list. Fortunately, you can automate this process by adding a coupon code auto-generate API to Magento's existing rest API. Discount Amount Enter.

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Return these codes to the calling programsimulated in this guide using a simple.php file. In the Magento Admin Panel, click System Web Services rest - OAuth Consumers. Note : It is up to you to determine ownership and permissions. Dash Every X Characters Enter. Log out of the Magento Admin Panel. On the Coupons Information page, enter the following information: Item Description Coupon Qty Enter. Description: In some cases, the pecl install oauth command does not install a C compiler. A check mark displays next to each Magento cache in the list. The web service instantiates the underlying Magento sales rule (salesrule/rule) coupon code generator and creates a pool of new codes. It means that expiration_date and usage_limit fields will be pulled from the rule and set to the coupon. Pecl OAuth.0a extension which you install as coupons and promotions discussed.