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the first, pokemon select Items and then the pokeball you are duplicating. Orre Colesseum Level 100 Battles edit Complete the Tower Colesseum in both Single and Double battle. Pokemon Colosseum for GameCube. Battle (Obtained only once when beaten for the first time.) 40 - Aerial Ace Colo: N/A XD: Area 9. Use : Getting to Venus's Hideout. Contains the Attack Psychic 3,500 pts, tM32, contains the Attack Double Team 4,000 pts, tM34, contains the Attack Flamethrower 4,000 pts.

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Orre Colesseum Level 50 Battles edit Complete Phenac Stadium, Pyrite Colesseum, and Under Colesseum in both Single and Double darty nespresso code promotion battle. "call" the Pokémon during a battle when it's in "hyper mode" and make it "come TO". Near him is the D-Disk. Go down when you get to the area where they captured Sylvia. Glitch: Infinite PokeBalls edit, this glitch gives you infinite any ball. Use : Getting to the Deep Colloseum (You face every boss in the game again.). 2 Answers 4 votes, best answer, there are. By repeating the methods above the Pokémon will begin to become purified.

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